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9:30 AM - Bible Study
10:30 AM - Worship
5:30 PM - Worship/Small Groups (see calendar)


6:00 PM - Fellowship Meal
6:55 PM - Bible Class

Our address is 1975 Haywood Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28791

New Bible Class Series


What do we do when the seas of culture become stormy? Sixty years after Jesus' resurrection, the young Church feared it would founder in the rising waves: idol worship, false teachers, immorality, persecution, and more. In the midst of the storm, Jesus speaks through the pen of the apostle John, with urgent and practical words-words that remain full of application for us today. This seven-week small group sermon series takes us on a voyage into the Book of Revelation, and the Seven Letters to Seven Churches.

Begins April 1st at 9:30 AM

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